Find more information about the parks in Upper Moreland Township.

Department Responsibilities

The Department of Parks and Recreation is also responsible for the grounds maintenance of the Township Building/Library Complex, snow removal from all public property sidewalks, maintenance of 3 detention basins, maintenance of Pennypack Parkway Trail, and turf maintenance of two street islands.

Walking Trails

  • Buehler Park Nature Trail, 0.32 mi. - Woodchip
  • F.J. Pileggi Park Walkway, 0.32 mi. - Limestone
  • Fair Oaks Perimeter Trail, 0.39 mi. - Paved
  • Masons Mill Nature Trail, 1.10 mi. - Woodchip
  • Masons Mill Park Fitness Trail, 0.72 mi. - Limestone
  • Mill Creek Park, .43 mi. - Limestone and concrete sidewalk
  • Upper Moreland Township offers various walking trails and perimeter pathways
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park Nature Trail, 0.42 mi. - Woodchip (to be constructed)
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park Walkway, 0.33 mi. - Paved, with .60 mile paved spur
  • Woodlawn Park Walkway, 0.34 mi. - Paved

Group Uses, Special Uses, and Reservations

Due to the popularity of our park facilities, advance reservations are available and recommended for all fee-based facilities and most sport fields and courts. Some facilities require special annual permits for individual uses. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for further information and the reservation process.

Park Regulations

Title 6 of the Township Code provides regulations governing the use of Park Facilities. Some of the provisions are listed below:

  • No Smoking or Tobacco Products.
  • Pets and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all parks.
  • Feeding of wildlife and waterfowl is prohibited.
  • Vehicles may only park in the designated spaces provided.
  • Parking on turf areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Golfing, hunting, and discharging of firearms are prohibited in all parks.
  • Soliciting or the sale of any goods or services in Township Parks is prohibited, except as specifically permitted by the Board of Commissioners of U.M. Township.
  • Gas grills are prohibited in all parks.
  • All parks close at dusk, except those lighted for evening events or programs.

Programs, Leagues, and Special Events

The Department of Parks and Recreation also provides a diverse menu of programs, activities, sport leagues, trips, educational programs, and special events for people of all ages and abilities. Please call the Department for more information at 215-659-3100 ext. 1039.