Cans, Glass, & Plastics

ALL Recyclables may now be mixed together for collection by the Public Works Department IF they are placed curbside in the recycling container that is provided by the Township, Glass bottles, plastics #1-#7, tin/aluminum cans AND paper products all can now be placed in the same container. This is called “Single Stream Recycling” which provides for both a more efficient disposal and collection process.   

Glass, cans, and plastics (numbers 1-7) are picked up on trash day. Acceptable plastic may be mixed with unbroken glass bottles and clean aluminum and tin cans for recycling. 

Acceptable Items

  • Number 1 PETE - Examples: Soda and water bottles, medicine containers, food trays that go into the oven and other common product containers.
  • Number 2 HDPE - Examples: Containers that hold laundry detergents as well as milk, shampoo and motor oil, butter and yogurt tubs, cereal box liners, etc.
  • Number 3 PVC - Examples: Window cleaner, shampoo and cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging.
  • Number 4 LDPE - Example: Squeezable bottles.
  • Number 5 PP - Examples: Tupperware, syrup and ketchup bottles, caps, etc.
  • Number 6 - PS - Examples: Lids or food containers like those covering meat/veggie trays, cinnamon roll containers, cookie boxes, etc.
  • Number 7 - Other - Examples: three-and five-gallon water bottles
  • Excluded: Styrofoam (includes egg cartons, clam-shell containers, plates, cups and meat trays, packing peanuts, plastic films or bags, PVC pipes, CD/DVDs, coffee cup lids, straws, plastic cutlery, plastic 6-pack rings, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, coat hangers

Pickup Regulations

  • Recycling must be placed in the recycling can provided by the Township.
  • Bottle glass, aluminum and tin can recycling is mandatory.
  • Glass: only clean and unbroken clear bottles, brown bottles, green bottles, and clear jars are acceptable. No trash, cigarettes, or food/drink residue should be in bottles. No plate glass, light bulbs, mirrors, or broken glass in recycling (put in regular trash).
  • Clean aluminum and tin cans are acceptable. Cans may be flattened. Maximum size is 2 quart (1/2 gallon). Pet food cans must be well cleaned.
  • Gasoline, oil, or fuel cans, or any type of aerosol or spray cans are not acceptable.
  • Numbers 1 through 7 plastics may be recycled with the glass and cans.