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Meeting Minutes And Agendas



Regular Meeting
Monday, April 02 2012


Public Hearing and

Regular Meeting Agenda

April 2, 2012

7:00 p.m.



      PUBLIC HEARING  #1870 – 7:00 P.M. – To consider Ordinance #1612 Amending Chapter 350, “Zoning” of the Code of Ordinances of Upper Moreland Township to add a residential use as a conditional use to the C-2 Commercial District in certain circumstances

                                                                                             Regular Meeting 

  •       Treasurer’s Activity Report
  •       Approval of Minutes                                                                                                  

Finance & Administrative Committee         

  •  Resolution # 2012-11- Set date for Public Hearing concerning process for appointments to UMHC. Suggested date for Public Hearing is May 7, 2012 at 7:15pm
  •  Authorize Township Manager to send letter on behalf of Board of Commissioners expressing opposition to SB 405 regarding changes to provisions of business privilege tax which will affect collection by Township. 
  •  Reappointment of John Bethard to PRAC for a 2-year term to expire 2/3/2014
  •  Appointment of Robert Young to UMHC for a 3-year term to expire 12/31/2015
  •  Appointment of Michele Young to UMHC for a 3-year term to expire 12/31/2015
  •   List of Bills Payable             

Community Development Committee

  • List of Upcoming Zoning Board Applications
  • Ordinance #1612 – To add a residential use to the C-2 Commercial District by conditional use in certain circumstances
  • Resolution R-2012-10 – Adoption of revised agreement between Upper Moreland Township and Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.                                                           
  • Award bid for 2012 Highway Paving Materials to Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc.
  • Award bid for 2012 Milling Services to Joseph E. Sucher & Sons, Inc.

Parks & Recreation Committee  

  • Resolution #R-2012-09 - Allowing Re-Enactors, Farm Animals and Livestock at Boileau Park for its Festival Day scheduled for May 5, 2012        
  •  Resolution # 2012-12 - Set date for Public Hearing on the Ordinance to amend the Parks Ordinance where authorized by Resolution in Township Parks. Suggested date for public hearing is May 7, 2012 at 7:00pm
  • Trail License Agreement between PECO and Upper Moreland Township

Public Health & Safety Committee                  

 No items for action.

New Business

Commissioner Comments





To view minutes and agendas prior to June 16th, 2008, please visit our Minutes & Agenda Archive.
To view video recordings of Commissioner's meetings, please visit our Meeting Videos page.

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