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1. Have you changed the due date for the 2020 Final/2021 Estimated Business Tax Return due to the corona virus pandemic?
2. Are PPP Loans, Grants and other pandemic assistance taxable?
3. How do I obtain a municipal lien payoff amount?
4. Are your Tax Codes available online?
5. Who do I make checks payable to?
6. What gross receipts are subject to UM business taxes?
7. What type of business is subject to gross receipts tax?
8. Who is a wholesale vendor?
9. Who is a retail vendor?
10. What is subject to the business privilege tax?
11. What if my business has some activity out of pennsylvania?
12. Can a business be subject to more than one tax rate?
13. What qualifies as manufacturing?
14. Are all gross receipts of a manufacturer exempt from tax?
15. How do I get an LST (Local Service Tax) account number?