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Upper Moreland Township

Upper Moreland Township
117 Park Avenue
Willow Grove, PA19090-3215

Phone: (215) 659-3100
Email: Township Receptionist

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About Our Township

Upper Moreland Township Mission Statement

To promote the best possible quality of life for the residents of Upper Moreland Township through commitment to local government which is responsive to the health, safety, and general welfare needs of the community and dedicated to providing municipal services which meet those needs in an efficient and caring manner.

Upper Moreland Township, Pennsylvania

Upper Moreland Township occupies an area of 7.5 square miles in the northeastern corner of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The 2010 census reported a total population of 24,015. Upper Moreland is part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and is approximately 15 miles north of downtown Philadelphia. The Township is bordered by the Montgomery County communities of Hatboro, Upper Dublin, Abington, Bryn Athyn, and Lower Moreland while Bucks County lies to the north.

William Penn presented the tract of land including present day Upper Moreland to Nicholas More in 1682. At the time, the area was referred to as the “Manor of Mooreland.” Moreland Township was first used to describe the tract in the 18th century but the present day boundaries were not fixed until 1916 when a line was drawn through the valley of the Pennypack Creek and two municipalities were created: Upper and Lower Moreland Townships. In 1930, Upper Moreland was formally organized as a Township of the First Class and its governmental structure and powers are derived from the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Upper Moreland’s seven member governing body, the Board of Commissioners, is comprised of representatives elected from each of the Township’s seven wards to serve a four year term. The daily operations of the municipality are administered by the Township Manager, Assistant Township Manager, Chief of Police, and Directors of Emergency Services, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and Finance. These positions, as well as the Township Solicitor and Township Engineer, are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Upper Moreland is primarily a residential community with distinctive neighborhoods that are complemented by several thriving business, industrial, and commercial districts. Major highways serving the Township include the Pennsylvania Turnpike, with the Willow Grove Interchange located in Upper Moreland, and Route 611, which links the area with Doylestown to the north and Philadelphia to the south. Other roadways of note are York Road (Route 263), Moreland Road (Route 63), County Line Road, Davisville Road, and Blair Mill Road. Commuter rail and bus services to the Township are provided by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

In the past decade, Upper Moreland has experienced great success in attracting new businesses throughout the Township. The 1990’s saw the completion of the Marketplace Shopping Center and the arrival of major corporations such as Home Depot, Marriott, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Best Buys, Regal Cinemas, Office Max, and Staples. Proximity to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Willow Grove Mall, and major office complexes help make Upper Moreland an ideal location for a wide variety of commercial and service oriented businesses while providing local firms already established in the Township with an incentive to stay in the area. As a result, the local economy has grown steadily bringing jobs, companies, and enhanced property values to Upper Moreland.

With an eye toward the future, local officials have taken steps designed to ensure that the Township will continue to provide its residents with the same excellent quality of life they enjoy today. In 1996, the Board of Commissioners adopted an Open Space and Environmental Protection Plan and, using over $1,000,000 in grant funds from Montgomery County, acquired 100 acres of land that is now protected from future development and dedicated for recreational use. This land supplements the Township’s 18 municipal parks which are located throughout Upper Moreland. In 1997, a new 15,000 square foot public library was dedicated, triple the size of the previous facility. And, in 1998, the Board of Commissioners began planning for the revitalization of the community’s oldest district, the downtown Willow Grove area. This ambitious project will take center stage in the years ahead and help the residents of Upper Moreland look forward to a future filled with promise.

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