Environmental Advisory Council

Upper Moreland Environmental Advisory Council

Established by Ordinance Number 1565 and formed by the Township Board of Commissioners on October 8, 2008, the EAC is an advisory council that is responsible for advising the residents on environmental issues within the Township, the protection and preservation of natural resources within the Township, the management and possible uses of open land in the Township and the creation of inventories of environmental areas and unique environmental features within the Township.


Welcome to the Upper Moreland Township (Township) Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) webpage. This webpage was created to educate and inform Township residents about the goals of the EAC, to introduce the EAC members, and to provide educational resources for community use.

Current Members

  • Dr. Lynnette Saunders, Chair
  • Shawn Hopkins
  • James Morrison
  • Karl Pfizenmayer
  • Donna Rosenbaum
  • Jean Scherf-Cunningham
  • Constantine Woznyj

The specific responsibilities given to the EAC by Ordinance Number 1565 include:

  • Identity environmental issues affecting the Township, the areas surrounding the Township, and the Township’s residents, including but not limited to storm water management and energy conservation issues
  • Recommend plans and programs to the appropriate agencies for promotion and conservation of natural resources and for the protection and improvement of the quality of the environment within the Township and the areas surrounding the Township
  • Make recommendations as to the possible use of open land areas within the Township
  • Promote a community environmental program
  • Keep an index of all open areas, publicly or privately owned, including, but not limited to, flood prone areas, swamps, and unique natural areas
  • Advise the appropriate local government agencies in the acquisition and management of real property and open areas owned by the Township
  • To undertake such environmental tasks as requested by the Board of Commissioners, and/or to propose environmental issues that the EAC considers to be significant to be undertaken within the community
  • Provide regular educational programs on environmental topics for the public


The EAC currently consists of seven voting township residents who were appointed by the Board of Commissioners for a three year term. Whenever possible, one member of the EAC is also a member of the Township Advisory Planning Agency. The ordinance also provides for non-voting affiliate members who may be students, business owners and/or members of conservation organizations operating within the Township.