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1. How does the fully Automated Recycling Collection work?
2. Bulk/E-Waste Permits
3. What should I do if a snow emergency is declared?
4. When will my street be salted/plowed?
5. Where can I find a list of the Snow Emergency Routes?
6. Who is responsible for removing snow from sidewalks on Commercial Property?
7. Can I throw the snow into the street when I shovel out my car or my sidewalk/driveway area?
8. Who removes the snow from Residential Sidewalks?
9. Who is responsible for the clearing of handicapped ramps?
10. Why do plows always push snow into my driveway?
11. I have a medical condition. Can you plow my street in case there is an emergency and an ambulance needs to get through?
12. Why don’t you clean my driveway?
13. Why does the plow not remove all the snow from my road?
14. I only have on-street parking. Why do you always plow snow against my car?
15. If I live in a cul-de-sac, can snow be piled in the middle of the circle?
16. Whom do I contact if my mailbox is damaged?
17. Tips for shoveling during a snow storm.
18. How do I report a pothole?
19. How do I know when my leaves will be vacuumed?
20. How do I know what Leaf Zone I live in?
21. What can I put to the curb for vacuuming?
22. How many opportunities will I get to have my leaves vacuumed?
23. Where should I put my leaves to be vacuumed?
24. Can I still put out bagged yard waste during leaf vacuuming season?
25. What happens if there is a car parked in front of my pile of leaves?
26. What do I do with my leaves if I missed putting them to the curb in time for the leaf vacuum for my zone?
27. Do changes to the yard waste pick up schedule affect the leaf vacuum schedule?
28. What if all my leaves have not fallen after the leaf vacuum makes three passes?
29. Where can I purchase biodegradable bags?
30. Can I use plastic yard waste bags?
31. Do I need a permit for a sofa, chair, box spring and mattress?
32. How to I get rid of latex paint?
33. Does the Township provide trash and recycling containers?
34. Where can I purchase Trash cans?
35. How do I report a Street Light that is not working?
36. Who is my water and sewer provider?
37. How to I dispose of household hazardous waste?
38. How do I dispose of a Television or other electronics?
39. What is Single Stream Recycling?
40. Does all my recycling need to be in one can?
41. Will Single Streaming effect E-Waste or Bulk pick up