Human Relations Commission

2022 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 

Mission Statement:

In order to protect the rights of all community members, the Upper Moreland Township Human Relations Commission (UMHRC) will administer the provisions of Upper Moreland Township Ordinance #1696, which prohibits discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.  Upper Moreland Township and the UMHRC recognize the inherent dignity and worth of all people.  Therefore, the UMHRC strives to ensure, through education, mediation, and community outreach, that all members of the community enjoy equality and equal protection under the law.

The Commission calls meetings as needed and current members of this Commission are:

Andrew Harbaugh
Kate Hill
Jolie Price
Dr. George Roesser
Dr. Susan Worth-LaManna
Township Staff Representative:  Matthew H. Candland, Township Manager

Submit complaint forms to Matthew Candland, Township Manager, at:

UMT HRC Public Accommodations Intake Form

UMT HRC Housing Discrimination Intake Form

UMT HRC Employment Discrimination Intake Form

UMT HRC Complaint Form