Guidelines & Regulations


If you are planning any kind of home remodeling project, or thinking of retaining a contractor to do work for you, please keep the following regulations in mind. The Township's guidelines are based on national standards to help ensure that repairs, additions, and alterations are done safely, whether by homeowners or contractors. If you are unsure if a permit is required, please take the time to call the Code Enforcement Department, at 215-659-3100, for assistance before beginning work. Fines can be issued for any work begun prior to the issuance of the permits required.

Construction Codes

Upper Moreland Township enforces the State wide Building Code, Pa Act 45, Uniform Construction Code (UCC). Effective October 1, 2018 the following codes are enforced under the UCC:

For additional information on the Uniform Construction Code and amendments to Act 45 please visit the Pa, Department of Labor & Industry website at for specifics.

Construction Permits

Building permits are needed for all repairs, additions, and alterations to properties. This includes work done to roofs, siding, windows, fences, sheds, both above and in-ground pools, driveways, driveway aprons, curbs, as well as interior projects in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.

Permits must also be taken out for work on heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems. All plumbing projects must be done by a registered master plumber, and the plumber must apply directly for the permits required.

Registration of Contractors

Contractors who work in Upper Moreland Township are required to register with the Township's Code Enforcement Department and provide the Department with a certificate of insurance.

House Numbers

To help emergency services personnel quickly locate your property, Township guidelines require that house numbers be posted on all residential properties. The numbers should be on the street side of your home, made of a durable, light reflecting material or color which is in contrast to the background, and be at least three" high for residential dwellings. For non-residential properties, street numbers should be posted on both the front and back of the building and be at least five and one half" in height.

Public Nuisances

The Township often receives complaints from residents concerning excessive noises from construction activity, machinery or other offensive noises between the hours of 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. For after hours complaints please contact the Upper Moreland Police Department. 

Property Maintenance

Township regulations require that all properties be kept in good repair. Please trim grass and weeds regularly and remember that growth in excess of 12 inches is prohibited. Trash and debris may not be stored on properties at any time. Your cooperation with these regulations will help keep Upper Moreland a first class community for everyone who lives and works here.  Upper Moreland Township enforces the 2015 ICC Property Maintenance Code.  If you wish to file a property maintenance complaint with the Code Enforcement office please complete the attached form and submit in person or by fax at 215-659-8899.  All forms must be signed by the complainant and contact information included.  Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

Home Occupations

Residents may operate a business from their property subject to certain restrictions. Only people living in the dwelling may operate the business. If you are interested in running a business from your home, please contact the Code Enforcement Department first to make sure your plans are in keeping with the Township's guidelines and to obtain the annual use registration permit which is required. All businesses must also register with the Township's Business Tax Office before beginning operations. Residences used for in-home day care must meet all township regulations and be inspected annually by the code enforcement officer and fire marshal.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles longer than twenty feet must have a Township sticker if stored on your property for more than two weeks. The sticker can be obtained from the Code Enforcement Department.

Right-of-Way Obstructions

Upper Moreland Township (UMT) code prohibits any person to erect, set-up, place or maintain any obstruction within the boundaries of any public street, or to maintain or allow any branches of any tree or shrub to overhang or protrude into the area of any public street so as to obstruct the safe and convenient passage of vehicles or pedestrians along such public street. Public street is so defined as the legal right-of-way (usually 10 feet behind the curb or street line) established for any street or roadway. Obstructions include but are not limited to retaining walls, trees, fences or other structures or landscaping. If you are not sure on the correct placement of any of these items please contact the Code Enforcement office for additional information.

Home Improvement Contractors

Important: Home improvement contractors working in Upper Moreland Township must provide a copy of their registration certificate with the PA Attorney General’s office to the UMT Code Enforcement Office along with a copy of their certificate of insurance in accordance with UMT Ordinance No. 1578, enacted November 9, 2009.