Emergency Management

Emergency Management is that function of Township government specifically responsible for coordinating the community's response to major emergencies.

The Emergency Management organization is not a replacement or addition to police, fire, rescue, public works or other response units, but a system for coordinating and managing various municipal, volunteer and private resources to effectively respond to a community crisis.

Upper Moreland Township addresses its Emergency Management responsibilities not only through planning, but also by preparation efforts, public education, emergency response and timely recovery.  These activities are carried out daily by the dedicated professional staff and various volunteer organizations committed to the goal of minimizing the impact of any emergency and making our community a better place to live.

The Board of Commissioners, as a whole, functions as the legislative and executive body responsible for the general health, safety, and welfare of the residents.

Public Law 1332, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Act, authorizes the Board to establish an Emergency Management Organization and to declare a local disaster emergency  when warranted.

The Township Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer, responsible to the Board of Commissioners, for the proper and efficient management of Township Business, including the supervision of all departments and employees.

The Emergency Management Coordinator is selected and nominated by the Board of Commissioners and appointed by the Governor. The Coordinator is responsible for administration of the Township's duties and responsibilities for Emergency Management.

The Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators is/are selected and nominated by the EMC and are approved by the Board of Commissioners. The Deputy EMC assists the EMC and will assume the EMC's duties and responsibilities in their absence.

Concept of Operations/Continuity of Government:

  • The elected officials are responsible for the protection of the lives and property of the citizens. They exercise primary supervision and control over the four phases (prevention, preparedness, response and recovery) of emergency management activities within the municipality.
  • The Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) shall act on behalf of the elected officials. An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been designated by the municipality and may be activated by the EMC or the elected officials during an emergency.  Deputy EMC's and an alternate EOC have been designated to function in case the primary EMC and/or EOC are not available. 
  • The plan embraces an "all-hazards" principle: that most emergency response functions are similar, regardless of the hazard.  The EMC will mobilize resources and personnel as required by the emergency situation.
  • The EMC and elected officials have developed mutual aid agreements with adjacent municipalities for reciprocal emergency assistance as needed.
  • The Municipality will embrace and utilize the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System or Unified Command System as appropriate.

To receive notifications about emergencies, severe weather, crime alerts and disasters in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, please enroll with Ready Montco Alerts, the official source of alerts in Montgomery County.

ReadyMontco is administered by the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and comes to you free of charge (text messaging and voice rates may apply). 

Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies

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