Transportation Impact Advisory Committee

The Transportation Impact Advisory Committee was established by Resolution R-2016-08 for the purposes of developing a transportation impact fee Ordinance 1679 under the terms of Section 504-A(b)(1) of Act 209 of 1990. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity and develops land use assumptions, conducts roadway sufficiency analysis studies, and makes recommendations as to the development of road improvements, capital improvements, and impact fees within the Township. The Committee consists of nine (9) appointed Members who are residents of Upper Moreland Township or conduct business within Upper Moreland Township and are not employees or officials of Upper Moreland Township. Not less than 40% of the appointed members will be representatives of the real estate, commercial and residential development, and building industries. All of the members shall serve without compensation.

Meetings are called as needed and current members of this Commission are:
  • Fred Betz, Jr.
  • John DiMarzio
  • James Patrick Lee, Sr.
  • Brian T. Shannon
  • Thomas Winterberg